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Conquer the world with mobile phones!

Reach a million audience 24/7!

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Branding

Mobile Marketing & Branding

More and more brands see the advantages of the mobile phone as a new marketing channel, especially because of its personal nature and immense reach.

Techno Design IP creates and delivers visual and technical mobile campaigns which combines with the lives of the target group and stimulates the interaction. Our activities can be divided into 2 specialismís:

1. Mobile Marketing: the mobile phone as media for your message

2. Mobile Branding: branded visuals for the users mobile phones

Donít forget, over 80% of the European population has a mobile phone and sends app. 3,6 SMS messages per day!


  • Designer of Sony Ericsson mobile phone content
  • Years long experience in Mobile Advertising campaigns
  • Distributor of premium mobile content
  • Supplier of premium SMS services

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