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Web development
Web development

Fact: a life without a computer and internet is unthinkable!

On a usual base 11,9 million people in the Netherlands are online* for approximately 33,4 hours. During that time over 3303 pages are being visited! When we look to other markets, we see the following user statistics:

  • The Turkish people are the heavy users with an average of 3.807 visited pages per user.
  • In the United Kingdom we see an average of 3.272 pages per person.
  • Other countries are less active. Poland shows 2.947 visted pages per person and France 2.780. The European average is 2.805 pages per person.

Still, many companies are struggling with setting up a good website and the follow-up of this. Techno Design IP uses different models to set-up a representative website on a cost friendly way.

We make sure your website is:

  • Userfriendly by using a professional user interface and design.
  • Easy to find via SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • Manageable via CMS (Content Management Systeem).

*Source: Comscore about the internet usage in Europe, September 2011. The numbers ate based on the information of European citizens above the age of 15 on their home- and work address. Mobile pages have been left out of this survey.

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