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Social media expressions
Social media expressions

Social networking is worlds’most popular activity!
Communication between people via email, chat and social media is a common habit which will become even more popular in the future. The online activities are not limited to just express yourself, but also showing interest in a company and product is part of the social expressions.

Techno Design IP can be seen as pioneer when it comes to online expressions. It all started with the development of the premium emoticons for Windows Live™ Messenger many years ago. Which have led tour worldwide cooperation with Microsoft.

Based on that succes we have extended our productline and are now offering Social Media Expressions for not only Windows Live™ Messenger, but also for all mail programs and social media platforms like Facebook.

That the Social Media Expressions create a viral effect has been proven by Techno Design IP with the consumer portal Quebles is a Internet portal where consumers can download the Social Media Expressions for free. More than 1 million registered users are frequently making use of this. Each month over 120 million online expressions are being shared. Read more about this business case.

The possibilities of Social media expressions:

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