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Portfolio: Van Dorp EnergyCheck
Van Dorp EnergyCheck - Apple iPad application


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phone: +31 79 360 11 88
Client: Van Dorp Installaties B.V.
Market: Netherlands
Product Apple iPad application
Install application (through Apple App Store)

How much energy does your property consumes annually? And is this maybe too much? How do you know what is high or low? Commissioned by ‘Van Dorp Installaties’, Techno Design IP has developed an iPad application that answers these questions.

The benchmark application compares the energy consumption of your building with the energy consumption of other buildings in the same industry. At a glance it is clear how well your building performs in energy!

At the entry you specify what industry you're in and how big your building is. Also indicate how much gas, electricity and water you consume on an annual basis. ‘Swiping’ to the left takes you to the results screen. The bars are green? Then your building performs good or even above average in terms of energy! The colors orange or even red...? Maybe you can save money! Through 'advice' you can input your usage data and send it over to ‘Van Dorp Installaties’. They will contact you for an informative meeting in which the possibilities will be discussed.

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